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Address: Rua Gomes Freire 203, 1169-203, Lisboa, Portugal
Campus Sede is on the city center, we recommend to use the following subway stations: Picoas station, Saldanha station or Anjos Station. These subway stations are 10-15 minutes walking from the University. You may check the subway network in:

AMADORA– CAMPUS AMADORA(2nd and 3rd days)

Adress: Avenida Conde Castro Guimarães, 2720-113 Amadora, Portugal

GPS: 38° 45’ 14,804'’ N 9° 14’ 0.488'’

The city of Amadora is about 10/15 minutes by train from Lisbon. The Amadora train station is 10 minutes’ walk from the Portuguese Military Academy. You may check train time-table in:

1st DAY – Check-In and Historical visit

According to the conference timetable schedule, the welcoming and check-in will be completed in the afternoon of the first day at the Military Academy – Campus Sede. As part of the conference, we kindly invite all participates to visit our installations – touristic visit to the Library, Chaple,Bemposta Palace and Museum. The visit is free of charge and starts at 15h00 (3 pm). Depending on the number of participants we may have to divide the visit by groups.

Lisbon – Campus Sede(Entrance)


The library owns a valuable patrimony with more than thirty thousand and five hundred books. Most part of the manuscripts are preserved in cabinets and showcases, the oldest of which are reported in 1520, 1540, 1562 and 1564.

Chaple – Paço da Rainha

It is next to Bemposta Palace. Liturgical acts are attended not only by military personnel but also by civilians who wish to do so, since during the celebrations the access door to the street is known as Paço da Rainha.

Bemposta Palace

This is the Bemposta Place,where the Military Academy Command is situated –it includes the following zones: teaching directorate, General directorate, administrative services, library, noble salon and the museum.


The museum exposes artefacts related to the history of the Portuguese Military Academy and its predecessors.

2nd Day – Presentations and Gala Dinner

All paper presentations will be performed in Amadora Campus. The Gala Dinner is going to take place outside of the Campus, but the organization is planning to transport all participants. At the end of the gala dinner, the buses are going to stop at both - Campus Amadora and Campus Sede (round trip).

3rd Day – Presentations and closing remarks

Amadora –Campus Amadora(Entrance)

On the morning of the third day we have planned presentations and the closing ceremony in Amadora.