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The IJCIEOM – International Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (2018) motto is:
“The Role Of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management in the Digital Transformation Era”.

Topics of the Conference:

Business Models and Service Science
• New Service Business Model
• Technology-based Business Networks
• Smart Services
• Governance of Service Systems
• Service Design and Innovation
• Servitization

• Technology in Teaching
• Digital Literacy
• Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Education
• Human Resources Development
• Workplace learning and Leadership

Logistics, Production and Information Systems
• Big Data Technology
• Information Systems and Information Communications and Technology
• Lean Production and Management
• Defense Logistics
• Humanitarian Logistics

Quality and Product Management
• Quality 4.0
• Quality Management
• Quality fundamentals in the digital era
• Product Development and Management

Operations Management
• Fourth industrial revolution: Industry 4.0
• Digital transformation in the Industry
• Digitalization
• Operations Management: process and inventory management
• Operations Research
• Healthcare Management
• Sustainable operations